October 9, 2019

The Fellows Reveal a Promising Future for Technology for Good

Engineering for Change’s Research Fellows deepen our relevance and hold promise for the future of global development engineering. They displayed experience that spans cultures and disciplines on stage and in breakout sessions at the annual Impact.Engineered conference October 9th in Brooklyn, New York (USA). We’re proud to have been a small part of their journey as they are taking roles in global development organizations, universities and founding their own startups. These highlights from the event exemplify the impact our fellows are making on the future of technology for good.

Onstage at Impact.Engineered

Speaking today at Impact.Engineered, Rhys Keogh, a Research Fellow now working with the University of Technology Sydney, has been investigating the state of engineering for global development in Australia and New Zealand.

Kathleen Kirsch is now with USAID and took a moment on stage to discuss the level of technological priority within the #SDGs.

Former E4C Fellow Megan Richardson at MIT shared her work on manufacturing women’s hygiene products made from byproducts of agriculture. Megan collaborated with SHEnterprises which creates pads from fibrous waste.

Grace Burleson returned this year as an Expert Research Fellow and moderates a breakout session on E4C’s research collaborations with private sector, government and non-profit organizations.

Exemplifying the expertise that our fellowship program supplies, a report in collaboration with UN-Habitat on affordable housing in Kenya will be published on our Research page.

Another example is research into the intersection of trust and digital IDs. Expert Fellow Jen Ventrella, together with Fellow Senka Hadzic & Jr. Fellow Pauline Mweu, investigated attempts to introduce digital IDs and found three maxims: 1. Trust is needed. 2. It’s difficult to incentivize something new. And 3. whatever program is started needs to work in context.

Worldwide Coverage of Development Technology

The Fellows have also reported on their globe-spanning research in our News pages. Here are the latest headlines:

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A Systemic Approach Towards Sanitation

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