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Agrieye is an AI technology for land farming that uses remote sensing and soil analyses.

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Agrieye combines technologies of remote sensing and soil analyses to help increase efficiency to land farmers. The multi-spectral 5 band camera is used for precision and accurate measurement for agriculture. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is used for quick scanning, which monitors up to 2000 hectares per day with a high ground resolution of 5 sm per pixel. The company is developing a platform where members of the public can access maps, data storage and access via a multi layer GIS cloud platform that does not require any specific software for user access.

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Users can contact the manufacturer at info@agrieye.io

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This product was designed to be used by small and medium farmers with the goal of reducing the cost of the high tech device and making farming more efficient.

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Research was conducted by Carnfield and G's Growers. Further contract research and consultancy was commissioned by G's to determine key performance indicators for lettuce. It was determined that remote sensing data collected by Agrieye can be used to extract information such as plant counts, sizing, and crop growth and development.


There are no known safety hazards related to this product

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Academic Research and References

Okayasu, T., Yoshida, H., Nugroho, A. P., Mitsuoka, M. and Inoue, E., 2012, Feasibility Study on Informatization Agricultural Supporting System and Evaluation of Its Validity, Research Gate, pp. 267295397.



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