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The AT-Knee (All Terrain Knee) is a prosthetic knee joint suitable for new amputees to transition from early rehabilitation into more confident household and community ambulation.

Developed By
  1. LegWorks
Tested By
  • Toronto’s Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
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Product Description

The AT-Knee (All Terrain Knee) is a prosthetic knee joint suitable for new amputees to transition from early rehabilitation into more confident household and community ambulation. It can either be used as a manual locking knee joint, or as a mechanical knee joint allowing for a natural gait as the user becomes more confident in their stability and safety.

Target Regions


Target SDGs

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Community, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Expected to be distributed by distributors, NGOs, prosthetic clinics and government rehab facilities, in both high-income countries and the developing world.

Competitive Landscape

Direct competitors include ReMotion Knee V3.

Manufacturing/Building Method

LegWorks mass produces the AT-Knee in Germany.^(Interview with representative)

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

The AT Knee is currently available for purchase by prosthetists and NGOs directly from LegWorks. The AT-Knee can be purchased through distributors in some markets.Interview with representative For Sales inquiries, email sales@legworks.org. Legworks sells the AT-Knee at competitive prices in developed countries and decreased prices for reputable intermediaries distributing in developing countries.

Distributions to Date Status

Over 1,000 units will be distributed by the end of 2016.^(Interview with representative)

Craftsmanship required


Patient satisfaction

95% of user preferred the AT-Knee for daily use over existing, more expensive technologies.

Patient compliance





High-­strength, impact resistant fiber-­reinforced Nylon 6-­6 body

Water resistant (yes/no)


Amputation level


Weight (kg)

0.915 kg

Design Specifications

The AT-Knee uses a mechanical stance-­phase lock called the Automatic Stance-­Phase Lock (ASPL). This means that the knee automatically locks when fully extended. The knee is designed to be used in harsh environments including water and dirty conditions. However, after being subjected to these environments, the knee should be cleaned to prevent premature wear and tear. AT Knee specifications: - - Weight of knee: 015g - - Weight Rating: 125kg (275 lbs.) - - Height of knee: 170mm (6.7 inches) - - Proximal portion length (knee axis to top): < 2cm - - Proximal Connection: Standard 10mm bolt and/or pyramid adaptor - - Distal Connection: 30mm Ø tube clamp - - Maximum knee flexion: 150 degrees - - Construction: High-­strength, impact resistant fiber-­reinforced Nylon 6-­6 body

Product Schematics

Technical Support

The AT Knee instructions for use indicate that maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel. Visual inspection annually is recommended. LegWorks does not recommend or indicate specific institutions associated with support.

Replacement Components



The AT-Knee is covered by a 2 year warranty, no changes or modifications are allowed.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Waterproof and easy to clean. Highly durable, easily maintained and repaired. Quick and simple setup, alignment and use. Stable.

Vetted Performance Status

In trials, early users in 10 countries reported a 95% preference for the relatively low-cost AT-Knee to more expensive existing technologies.


The AT-Knee should only be fit by a qualified professional

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Andrysek J, Wrigth FV, Rotter K, Garcia D, Valdebenito R, Mitchel CA, Rozbaczylo C, Cubillos R. Long-term clinical evaluation of the automatic stance-phase lock-controlled prosthetic knee joint in young adults with unilateral above-knee amputation. Disability and Rehabilitation Assistive Technology. 2016 Jul 4:1-7

Andrysek J, et al., Mobility function of a prosthetic knee joint with an automatic stance-phase lock. Prosth Orth Int. 35(2), 163-170, 2011.

Furse A, et al., Improving the gait performance of non-fluid-based swing-phase control mechanisms in above-knee prostheses. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. May 16, 2011(epub).

Furse A, et al., Development of a low-technology prosthetic swing-phase mechanism. J Med Biomed Eng. 31(2), 145-150, 2011.

Wyss D, et al., Priorities in lower limb prosthetic service delivery based on an international survey of prosthetists in low- and high-income countries. Prosth Orth Int. 2013 Dec;[Epub ahead of print].

Andrysek J. Lower-limb prosthetic technologies in the developing world: a review of literature from 1994 to 2010. Prosth Orth Int. 34(4), 378-398, 2010.

Wyss D, et al., Application of Quality Function Deployment for the development of a prosthetic knee joint. AES Technical Reviews Part C: International Journal of Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications (IJATEMA). 1 (1) 2013, 67 – 75.

Compliance with regulations

LegWorks has FDA Establishment Registration. The AT-Knee is CE Marked. The AT-Knee is ISO 10328 compliant.^(Interview with representative)

Evaluation methods

Field trials

Other Information

Recipient of Grand Challenges Canada

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