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EcoZoom Jet

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Designed by EcoZoom, Jet is a Rocket-type stove for cooking with wood, charcoal and biomass briquettes.

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Product Description

Distributed and designed by EcoZoom, Jet is a lightweight and rocket-type cookstove specifically designed for a single pot and for burning wood and solid biomass fuels. It has a refractory metal combustion chamber, ceramic insulation, universal cast iron stovetop and steel handles with silicone grips for easy movement and transportation and cool touch technology. Introduction video to the EcoZoom Jet stove available.


Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

EcoZoom has projects going in several countries around the globe. They work with partners on scales ranging from single villages to entire countries. Living Goods also distributes this product.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Mass customized by EcoZoom in China. They produce over 60,000 stoves/month, including EcoZoom Dura and Plancha models.

Intellectural Property Type

Trade Secret

User Provision Model

Online purchase on Amazon and The Level Market.

Distributions to Date Status

The exact number of Jet stoves distribution to date is unknown, however, EcoZoom has a production volume capacity of 60,000 stoves/month (considering all commercialized models) that can be scaled to fit any project.

Fuel type

Biomass, wood

Chimney (yes/no)


Forced or passive


Pot type

Flat or round bottom

Pot capacity (L)


Thermal efficiency (%)


PM emissions (g/MJ delivered to pot)


CO emissions (g/MJ delivered to pot)

9.6 g/MJ

Time to boil (min/L)

27 min per 5 L

Design Specifications

Design specifications include a refractory-metal chamber, a lightweight and ceramic thermal insulation, a stovetop with three-pronged universal cast iron, stove body with a reinforced metal door with silicone grip on a latch and stainless-steel and silicone handles for easy moving and transportation of the stove. It weighs 8 kgs and its dimensions are (LxWxH) 28 x 28 x 26 cm. Further details on design specifications here.

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components


This stove has 1-year warranty including defects in materials and workmanship. Jet stove has a 5-year estimated lifecycle.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

This product aims to meet the energy demands of families relying on traditional cooking methods in an efficient, durable and sustainable manner. Results from field tests about performance targets show boiling and cooking times to be 20% faster than a typical charcoal jiko.  

Vetted Performance Status

The Jet stove has a high power thermal efficiency of 42%, a low power thermal efficiency of 56%, an average fuel savings of 76% and emissions savings of 58%. The complete vetted performance can be seen here and in the Clean Cooking Catalog.  



Complementary Technical Systems

EcoZoom also commercializes the Zoom Dura with the possibility to add a stove carrier bag.

Academic Research and References

Jetter, J.J., Kariher, P (2009). Solid-fuel household cookstoves: characterization of performance and emissions. Biomass and bioenergy. 2009;33:2294-305

Jetter, J., et al (2012). Pollutant emissions and energy efficiency under controlled conditions for household biomass cookstoves and implications for metrics useful in setting international test standards. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2012;46(19):10827-10834.

Anenberg, S.C., et al (2013). Cleaner cooking solutions to achieve health, climate, and economic co-benefits. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2013;47(9):3944-3952.

Compliance with regulations

Test performance tier rankings using guidelines and standards established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)’s International Workshop Agreement (IWA). EcoZoom certified 2015 B Corp Best for the World

Other Information

EcoZoom Jet won Gold in 2014 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA®) by a panel of 24 international design experts over 2,000 other entries.

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