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Bodawerk E-boda Electric Motorcycle

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Bodawerk E-boda is an electric motorcycle produced in Kampala, Uganda. 

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Product Description

Bodawerk E-boda is an electric motorcycle which is produced by converting conventional petrol-fuelled motorcycles into a battery-powered vehicle. Users can choose to have their existing vehicles converted or purchase a new E-boda from Bodawerk. The manufacturer, based in Kampala, Uganda uses upcycled old lithium-ion batteries to replace the petrol-driven power train on Bajaj Boxer 100s, which are sold as their standard E-bodas. The batteries operate on a leasing system to make the bikes more accessible.

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Target Users (Target Impact Group)

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Manufacturing/Building Method

Lithium-ion batteries are produced by Bodawerk in Kampala, using recycled laptop batteries. The E-boda business model involves the development of an electronic motorcycle by converting the traditional Bajaj Boxer 100 where the conventional petrol-driven power train is exchanged for an electric powertrain. As of 2020, the Kampala workshop can produce up to 100 bikes per month and the company has plans to expand to an additional workshop for mass production of the E-bodas. Interview with manufacturer 2020

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

Users can purchase the E-boda new from the manufacturer or have their conventional motorcycle converted at the Bodawerk workshop in Kampala.

Distributions to Date Status

As of September 2020, ~20 have been built and are in use.

Design Specifications

Bodawerk can convert a customer’s existing motorcycle, or offer a new product which is a converted Bajaj Boxer 100. The vehicle uses an electric power-train with recycled lithium-ion batteries. The 48 V DC, 6 kWp battery takes approximately 2 hours to charge which can be done at standard power outlets. It has a 2.2 kWh nominal capacity and the range is currently 70 km with one rider but with the new software updates, it will be around 80-90 km with one rider and >50 km with a passenger. The motor is currently rated at 2000 W, but Bodawerk plans to move to a 3000 W motor.

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer

Replacement Components

The manufacturer states that the bike is virtually maintenance free. As Bodawerk retro-fit one of the best selling bikes in Africa, spare parts are readily available.


The lifespan of the battery is estimated at 2-3 years, however, the manufacturer will replace users' batteries if performance drops before then. The battery is designed so that when it is no longer strong enough for the E-boda it can fit into existing solar power systems for energy storage.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Bodawerk aims to make e-mobility affordable in the communities it serves. It aims to have positive environmental impacts by reducing the reliance of drivers on fossil fuels, and social impacts by training local workers for future industries and increasing the income of motorcycle taxi drivers. 

Vetted Performance Status

The manufacturer estimates that the motorcycle taxi drivers can double their income by switching to the E-boda by reducing their expenditures on fuel and maintenance as there are fewer moving parts in the electric power train.


The battery management system allows for monitoring failure cases for predictive maintenance of batteries. They have GPS to track for theft and automatic accident detection which can send alerts based on impact or position of the bike.

Complementary Technical Systems

The battery is designed to fit into existing solar power systems or be used as power packs once they are no longer strong enough for the E-bodas.

Compliance with regulations

The company complies with regulations on storage and disposal of Li-ion batteries.

Other Information

Watch the designers explain the bike setup here StartUp GET 2019 Winners video

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