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Safe Boda

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Safe Boda is a bike hailing app providing last mile mobility in a safe and secure manner around Africa.

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Product Description

Safe Boda is a ride-hailing application that links the user to nearby motorcycle-taxi operators, who are equipped with helmets and have been trained in first aid and road safety. The product is offered by SafeBoda and is currently commercialized.

Fare is calculated according to distance covered, time taken for a trip, and added upon a minimum base fee

Target SDGs

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Household, Community

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Google Play Store App Store

Competitive Landscape

Direct competitors include Busy Boda.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Developed from an open source platform Interview with Manufacturer

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

The application is downloaded from the Google Play store or the App Store.

Distributions to Date Status

1,000,000+ app installs

Compatible Devices (smartphone, tablet, PC)

Smartphone, tablet

Permanent network connectivity required (Y/N)


Literacy support (Y/N)


Languages available


Additional features required (GPS, camera, etc.)


Application size

iOS: 76.8 MB

Android: 7.7 MB (version 2.2.1)

Application rating

iOS: 4+

Android: 3+

Number of downloads

Android: 100,000+ installs

Operating system and version

iOS: Requires 10.0 or later

Android:  4.1 and Up

Passenger capacity


Design Specifications

The SafeBoda app allows users to hail a motorcycle taxi at any location within Kampala. The app uses GPS to link the user to a nearby Safe Boda motorcycle taxi operator. The operators are trained in road safety and first aid. The app calculates an estimate for the cost of the journey after the user enters his/her pickup location and destination. On reaching the final destination, the app outputs the actual cost of the journey which the commuter pays in cash.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Dedicated telephone and email contacts that can be used for technical support. Company makes periodic updates to the app to enhance productivity.

Replacement Components



N/A because once the app is downloaded, it can be used until uninstalled

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

SafeBoda aims to offer a safe and trustworthy motorcycle taxi service in Africa. The app provides an option for rating the rider as a measure of monitoring set targets.

Vetted Performance Status



The boda owners are provided with spare nets and spare helmet for the customer safety at the signing up point. All drivers are identifiable and trackable in the system.  

Complementary Technical Systems

The motorbike and app used to hail a ride. Mobile money is an option provided for customers who want to go cashless or purchase credits.

Academic Research and References

Mutiso, W., 2010, ‘Boda boda’ bicycle taxis and their role in urban transport systems : case studies of Nakuru and Kisumu, Kenya, University of Cape Town

Kokwaro, P. L., Ajowi, J. O., Kokwaro, E. A., 2013, Competitive Forces Influencing Business Performance of Bicycle Taxis in Kisumu City, Kenya, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4(2), pp. 719-728

Compliance with regulations

A helmet is provided for both the driver and passenger. It is mandatory for both driver and passenger to use a helmet by law. All drivers have to maintain and follow road usage rules and regulations and are traceable in the system.

Evaluation methods

The drivers are evaluated based on the ratings received from the riders.

Other Information

SafeBoda is bringing safety, trust and convenience to the boda boda transport industry in Africa through the community of drivers and an app. Here is the FAQ page. Video on SafeBoda Transport service

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