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Sunspot Electric Stove

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Solar electric cooking system integrated with a Pay-As-You-Go financing model.

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Product Description

The Sunspot solar cooker is an electrical cooking system designed and implemented by SunspotTM, consisting of two utility-grade PV modules, one lead-carbon battery, an inverter, and an electric induction cooktop. This product was designed to replace less efficient cooking systems in rural areas of developing countries. The SUNSPOT system replaces not only the traditional cookstove but also provides lighting, mobile phone charging, and other basic electrical services that are often supplied by a separate solar-home-system (SHS).

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

The pilot units of this product are being distributed by the manufacturer through partner organizations. In Haiti, the company has partnered with EarthSpark International for its distribution.

Manufacturing/Building Method

As of 2020, Sunspot assembles the pilot units batch by batch.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

As of 2020, the units are being distributed by the manufacturer through partner organizations. The goal of the company is to achieve the product's maturity by testing in different pilot projects, to launch it commercially with the Pay-As-You-Go model. In March 2020, 10 stoves were assembled and delivered to a rural community in Haiti, by Sunsport's partner EartSpark International. By August 2020, two Sunspot Systems were installed and running.

Distributions to Date Status

In March 2020, ten pilot units were taken to rural communities in Haití, to be assembled locally and tested during the year.

Power requirement (W)

2000 W (max)

Pot type

Flat bottom

Pot capacity (L)

6 -8 L

Time to boil (min/L)


Design Specifications

The Sunspot cooking system supports an electrical load of 2 kWh per day, making it possible to cook basic meals for a family of up to six people. It is recommended to use the system to cook during the day. The battery included in the system is intended to balance the solar output with the cooking needs. As of 2020, the Sunspot cooking system is still not released in the market. However, the goal of the company is to implement the Pay-As-You-Go financing model to make it affordable to rural customers in developing countries. The induction stove in the Sunspot system turns on and off instantly and eliminates several cooking hazards such as inhalation of carbon monoxide, particulate pollution, and fire risk. Additionally, the system includes four USB ports for cellphone charging, LED lamps, and other small appliances.

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components

The power systems are designed to require little or no maintenance during normal use. As the systems will be supplied on either a lease or energy-as-a-service model, component replacement will be the responsibility of SUNSPOT's local partners, who will also be responsible for the collection and recycling of equipment at the end of service life. Interview with representative in 2020


The advanced lead-carbon batteries will last 5 - 10 years depending on how hard they are used. The PV modules are warranted for 25 years life and the electronics will probably need to be repaired/replaced once during the life of the system. An initial life service of 5 - 6 years, after which the systems will be refurbished and provided at a discount to a new class of users. Interview with representative in 2020

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The performance targets specified by the manufacturer are:

  • Reduced time collecting fuel and starting fires
  • Instant on-off reduces waste fuel
  • Elimination of indoor air pollution
  • Improved fire safety (no open flames)
  • Reduced pressure on forests.
  • Achieving more than 80.0% efficiency of the cookstove

Vetted Performance Status

No testing has been conducted yet on this product. Interview with representative in 2020


Users should be aware to handle the wires of the system properly. Lead-carbon batteries should never be opened as an attempt to repair a defective unit. Children should stay away from the induction cooktop, in order to avoid unintentional burns.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

All components are either CE or UL listed, and the wire harnesses are done to appropriate standards. Once we start distributing commercially, we will get CE certification for the system as a whole. If a market develops in the United States, we will seek UL certification as well. Interview with representative in 2020

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