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Mozambikes is a social enterprise that aims to help low-income Mozambicans access high-quality bicycles  

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Product Description

Mozambikes sells branded bicycles that promote company brands, projects and important social messages. Bicycle components are imported for local assembly and then branded the colours and logos of organisations. These bicycles are either purchased by the branding customer to distribute to their employees, customers and communities, or pay to advertise on the bicycles allowing Mozambikes to sell them to consumers at below-market rates.

Mozambikes also regularly trains technicians in rural communities to build new skills and help bring better bicycle care to rural areas and it has initiatives to improve the safety and conditions for cyclists in Mozambique.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Mozambikes is the primary distributor.

Manufacturing/Building Method

The bicycles are assembled by hand in Mozambique from imported parts. Branding materials and paints are from local suppliers and the frame, fork and steel fender are painted at their factory in Txumene.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

The bicycles are either purchased by the branding customer to distribute to their employees, customers and communities, or Mozambikes sells the bicycles at reduced rates into rural markets.

Distributions to Date Status

Design Specifications

Each bike weighs ~15 kg, with the option of a front basket or luggage carrier. The frame has a diagonal top tube to allow users to ride more comfortably. The seat and handlebars are adjustable and the alloy handlebars with rubber grips provide comfort and rust protection. Re-inforced, wider tires increase durability and aluminium rims keep the wheels lightweight.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by the manufacturer. Mozambikes regularly trains technicians in rural communities and as of 2020, they have over 50 community technicians, the majority of which are women.

Replacement Components

Bicycles are imported from China. Certain components may be available locally for replacement.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

To provide riders with better access to education, goods, and services and help lift them out of poverty.  

Vetted Performance Status

Mozambikes estimates that their bicycles can increase daily incomes for those living below the poverty line by a 3x multiple and therefore can help to increase the overall GNI by 10%, however, no third-party testing has been completed.


The manufacturer also has initiatives to create a biking ecosystem, including bicycle lanes on busy roads, promoting road and bicycle safety campaigns.

Complementary Technical Systems

It is possible for a cart to be attached to the bicycle to transport goods.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations


Other Information

Mozambikes Youtube channel can be found here.

Comments from the Community


  1. E4C.COMMENTS says:

    Noel Wilson says:

    The competitive landscape would benefit from actual company’s distributing bicycles in Uganda rather than other forms of transport (foot/car). Local bicycle shops/distributors/assemblers, World Bicycle etc)

  2. E4C.COMMENTS says:

    Noel Wilson says:

    Target users could also mention income opportunities increased by bicycle ownership.

  3. E4C.COMMENTS says:

    Noel Wilson says:

    Health target could discuss increased access to health service locations within range of bicycle vs foot.

  4. E4C.COMMENTS says:

    Noel Wilson says:

    Safety could mention the need for training on how to ride bicycles and road rules etc if users arent familiar before sending them out? Have heard anecdotes about how this was handled badly.

  5. E4C.COMMENTS says:

    Noel Wilson says:

    There is some research on development motivated bicycle distribution (in Africa especially). See ibike.org as an example.

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