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Created on August 27, 2015


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The Forty 2 is a portable solar solution developed to be used primarly in disaster recovery and preparedness sites.

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Product Description

The Forty2 is a portable solar power generator developed by Peppermint Energy for use in disaster recovery and preparedness, new housing developments, and areas where power access is limited. Benefits of the Forty2 include operation without noise, smell, or fuel, ability to use indoors, portability, compatibility with a wide range of products such as phones, lights, heating blankets, and even many refrigerators. Peppermint Energy is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

As of 2018, Peppermint Energy’s website has been inactivated.


Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Online sales direct from Peppermint Energy or partners including Amazon and Free Clean Solar.

Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

Online sales directly from Peppermint Energy or partners including Amazon and Free Clean Solar.

Distributions to Date Status


Power rating (W or kW)

180 Watts

Battery type

Lithium ion

Battery capacity (mAh)

0.5 – 2

Grid compatibility (yes/no)

Not with included hardware.

Description of mobility


Design Specifications

Forty2 Specifications:

  • Solar panels rated to output 180 watts
  • 250 Wh Lithium Ion battery
  • 2 AC outlets
  • 1 USB port
Forty2 Dimensions:
  • 12.7 x 86.36 x 76.2 cm (5" x 34" x 30")
  • 27.22 kg (60 lbs)

Technical Support

Support provided by Peppermint Energy Customer Service.

Replacement Components

Replacement components are not readily available.


1 year warranty on unit, 5 year warranty on solar panels.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Performance Targets: 2 hour charge time for 250 Wh battery and peak wattage less than 1000 W.

Vetted Performance Status



Be sure to follow proper electrical installation and control guidelines.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations


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