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Mobile phone based payment system and digital wallet

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Product Description

MobiKwik is an Indian technology company that provides a mobile phone based payment system and digital wallet for shopping, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, money transfers and bill payments. Customers add money to an online wallet that can be used for payments using directly the cellphone.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

MobiKwik Systems Private Limited.

Manufacturing/Building Method

MobiKwik was seeded with $250,000 USD by the company's founders, husband and wife team Bipin Preet Singh and Upasana Taku, to develop the website and payment options. The initial service was a website with a closed wallet facility, but the service has evolved to mobile apps.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users can download app directly to their terminals. Available for AndroidiOS and Windows.

Distributions to Date Status

25 million users across India as of August 2017.

Design Specifications

MobiKwik works as a payment system and digital wallet. Users add money to an online wallet that can be used for payments. The company also provides small loans to consumers as part of its service.

Technical Support

There is available a FAQ and a customer support section within MobiKwik web page.

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The product aims to work as an electronic wallet for secure online transaction. It holds user money that then can be used for recharges, bill payments and physical and online shopping.

Vetted Performance Status




Complementary Technical Systems

Terminal such as a computer, laptop or phone with Internet connection required to access and use the service.

Academic Research and References

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    doi: 10.1109/ICCCI.2018.8441441
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Compliance with regulations

Yes. All operations authorized by the Reserve Bank of India.

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