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Nokero N200

Upcoming Update

First generation indoor and outdoor lamp with hook and stand.

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Product Description

Discontinued production, but still in the market

Newer model: Nokero N233

Nokero N200: First generation indoor and outdoor solar powered light with hook and stand.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Nokero Solar and Amazon are currently the only large distributors of the product.

Manufacturing/Building Method

No longer in production. The newer version of this product is the N233 Solar Light Lantern

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

As of now, Nokero Solar and Amazon are the only publicized distributors of the product.

Distributions to Date Status

Over 50,000.

Lamp type


Number of light points


Total light output (lumens)

Low: 5 lumens, high: 13 lumens

Multiple brightness settings (yes/no)


Light duration on single charge (hr)


Mobile charging (yes/no)


Power source

Solar Panel

Battery type

Nickel Metal Hydride

Peak power rating (Wp)


Battery capacity (kWh; mAh)


Battery nominal voltage (V)


User replaceable battery (yes/no)


User replaceable light (yes/no)


Design Specifications

Single bulb, compact, and portable solar powered lamp for outdoor or household use. Weather resilient and durable. Battery: Rechareable NiMH AA Product material: durable ABS Lamp casing: Polycarbonate Product dimensions (cm) (LxWxH): 8.5 x 7.3 x 17 Weight (kg): .13

Technical Support

Nokero Solar offers an FAQ section on the website, as well as contact information.

Replacement Components

Batteries are replaceable. No information on lamp replacement.


Battery has a 1 and 1/2 year lifespan

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Brightness: 13 lumens (High), 5 lumens (Low) Run time is up to 8 hours Battery Capacity (max): 800mAh Battery operating temperature (degrees C): -20 - 55

Vetted Performance Status




Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Chen, W., Lemes, A., Moorthy, A., Strickland, L., Zhu, Y., Renewable Energy at the Base of the Pyramid in Haiti. [Internet]. Ann Arbor (MI): University of Michigan; 2014 Apr 22 [cited 2015 Jun 10].

Solanki, C.S., Mudaliar, S., Strategies to Target Rural PV Market in Developing Countries – A Perspective. PVSC. 2010 Jun 20-25;35:2392-2396.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

Nokero has won the United States Patent and Trademark Office's Patents for Humanity Award. Nokero has also been awarded the 2011 Core 77 Design Award for the N200, and was a finalist for the 2011 Zayed Future Energy Prize and the 2012 Internation Council of Societies of Industrial Design, World Design Impact Prize.

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