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Sahara Energy Portable Solar Generator

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A series of portable solar electric generators manufactured in Ethiopia.

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Product Description

Sahara Energy manufacturers solar-powered generators in Addis Ababa, available in seven different models.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Local sales agents

Manufacturing/Building Method

Sahara Energy manufacturers their units in a 120 m2 workshop in Addis Ababa. The generators are built in the following work stations: (1) Material cutting, (2) Material grinding, (3) Chassis assembly, (4) Paint spraying, (5) Electronics assembly, (6) Quality control testing, and (7) Packaging.Interview with manufacturer

Intellectural Property Type

Trade Secret

User Provision Model

Sahara Energy Solar generators can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or through local sales agents.  Units are also available for rent form the manufacturer.Interview with manufacturer

Distributions to Date Status

8 unitsInterview with manufacturer

Description of power outputs

1 – 2 (depending on model)

Total lighting service (lumen-hours per solar-day)

16 – 160 hours (depending on model)

Peak power rating (Wp)

700 – 3000 (depending on model)

Battery capacity (kWh; mAh)

96.3 – 120.0 (depending on model)

Nominal battery voltage (V)

220 V

Battery type


User replaceable battery (yes/no)


Remote system diagnostics (yes/no)


Payment structure

Purchase unit directly from the manufacturer

Mobile service required (yes/no)


Design Specifications

The solar generators are available in eight models, as described below:

Model No. System  Voltage (V) Average Energy Production (kWh/day) Battery power (kWh) Inverter Capacity (W) PV Surface (m2) AC Power Outlets (#)
SA-700-1p 12 0.66 0.34 700 1.0 1
SA-700-2p 24 2.12 1.3 1600 3.4 1
SA-700-3p 24 3.18 2.0 1600 5.1 1
SA-700-4p 24 4.26 2.5 2400 7.0 2
SA-700-6p 24 6.36 4.0 3000 10.2 2
SA-700-7p 48 8.48 5.0 4000 15.0 2
SA-700-8p 48 12.72 7.8 4000 22.0 2

Technical Support

Available from the manufacturer

Replacement Components

Replacement components (such as the charge controller and inverter) are available from the manufacturer.Interview with manufacturer


20 years for the solar panel and 5 years for the battery.Interview with manufacturer

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The manufacturer aims to produce renewable energy solutions for rural farmers in Ethiopia.Interview with manufacturer

Vetted Performance Status

This product has not been third-party tested.Interview with manufacturer


Standard precautions when handling electronics.

Complementary Technical Systems

Accessories such as lights and appliances.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

Sahara Energy has two production licenses: (1) Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Revenue & (2) Ethiopian Energy Authority.

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