FlyBird Farm Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Siri helps farmers to control irrigation and fertigation automatically for improved water use efficiency.

Product description Brand name and product description

Siri is a sensor based irrigation controller that uses sensor measurements to determine irrigation scheduling. Soil moisture data is used to control both irrigation and fertilizer application. Siri can be used in greenhouse and open-field production irrigated systems as well as hydroponics and fertigation systems.

Target region(s) Target region for distribution/implementation (listed by country if specified)
Distributors/implementing organizations Organization(s) distributing/deploying this product directly to communities/individuals?"

Flybird Innovations

Market suggested retail price Price per unit or service price per usage/terms (USD). Subsidies noted.

~277 USD (22,000 IND)Converted on October 2022

Competitive landscape Similar products available on the market. May not be a comprehensive listing.

Primary competitors globally include RAINBIRD, Rachio, Jain Irrigation, NETAFIM, and Hunter. However, there are many sensor based irrigation controllers on the market today.

SDG targeted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted with this product/application/service

Goal 2 : Zero hunger

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

Target user(s) Target user/consumer base (country, income segment)

Farmers who deal with both greenhouse and open-field crop production.


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