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Solar Milling Small-Scale System


Solar milling machine is designed to grind cereals and grains using solar power.

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Product Description

The Solar Milling is designed with same concept as any electrical mill, however, the 3-phase AC motor is connected directly to the grinding system, eliminating the need of conveyer belts, thus saving on energy which is lost due to friction.  with a 3-pase AC motor which is connected directly to the grinding system. It does not require conveyer belt.  The product has been discontinued by a new model.

Target SDGs

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Household, Community, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Solar Milling SL.

Competitive Landscape

Direct competitors include Maya Pedal Bicycle Mill.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Make to order, Solar milling small-scale system is supplied as a set with a single or twin mill configuration.

Intellectural Property Type

Select Type

User Provision Model

This product can be purchased directly from Solar Milling.

Distributions to Date Status

90 units in rural Africa interview with representative

Feedstock types

Dry grains of wheat, maize, barley, millet, teff, sorghum. Grains must be dry, as wet grains could clog the stones and limit performance.

Feedstock rate (kg/hr)

Wheat: 35 – 150 kg/hour; Maize: 35 – 150 kg/hour; Barley: 30 – 110 kg/hour; Millet: 25 kg/hour; Teff: 40 kg/hour; Sorghum: 35 kg/hour

Note: Average Solar Operation Hours: 6 hours/day.

Power source

Motorized – Solar

Energy requirement (W)

11 units of 250Wp PV panels.

Portable or stationary


Design Specifications

The Solar Milling Small-Scale system is supplied as a set with two different configurations available: Option 1: Single Mill 1.) One Stone Mill machine, 1 Hp motor, and 500 mm stone. 2.) Photovoltaic Modules: 16 units of 100Wp Polycristalline Si.* 3.) Control panel to drive the stone mill. 4.) Electrical cables and accessories. Plug and play. 5.) Wooden box for mill transportation and user manual (English and French). * Holder structure for solar modules to be made locally Option 2: Twin Mills 1.) Two Stone Mill machines, 1 Hp motor each, and 500 mm stones. 2.) Photovoltaic Modules: 11 units of 250Wp Polycrystalline Si. * 3.) Control panel to drive the stone mills. 4.) Electrical cables and accessories. Plug and play. 5.) Wooden box for mills transportation and user manual (English and French). The Stone Mill is based on pure granite 500 mm stones and equipped with standard three-phase asynchronous motor 230/400V 50 Hz.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

The Solar Milling Small-Scale System can be purchased directly from Solar Milling SL.

Replacement Components

All spare parts are available from the Solar Milling company, although some can be locally found in any country.


The solar modules are guaranteed to retain 90% of peak power performance for 25 years. The milling component is maintenance free, and is claimed to be very long lasting.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Stone Mill output production (per machine) Small-Scale set includes one or two mill machines depending on the chosen configuration. Wheat: 35 – 150 kg/hour Maize: 35 – 150 kg/hour Barley: 30 – 110 kg/hour Millet: 25 kg/hour Teff: 40 kg/hour Sorghum: 35 kg/hour

Vetted Performance Status



To avoid risk of electrical shock, all connectors are isolated. You’ll never be in touch with live electrical parts. The earth rod provided is highly recommended to be installed before the operation, to keep the entire equipment safe.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

This machine is made in the EU and is CE certified.

Other Information

A medium-scale system is also available for purchase. Solar Milling SL The stone mill machine is connected to a control panel, which is powered by the photovoltaic modules through electrical cables and other accessories in a plug and play manner.

Comments from the Community


  1. Craig A. Atkinson says:

    Feedstock type: must be dry grains as per “Wet grains could clog the stones and be not effective.” (http://solarmilling.com/faq/)

  2. Craig A. Atkinson says:

    Add the note about solar operational requirements to achieve the stipulated feedstock rates (Note: Average Solar Operation Hours*: 6 hours/day).

  3. Anna Murray says:

    – I think there’s a typo in the Container Volume section of the Performance Parameters section at the top – it should be listed as 20 L.

    – “Replacement Components: These are produced in-country,” – is this supposed to mean that they are available for purchase as replacements in those countries? Like the tap, for example?

    – “Testing Organizations – Testing is done through the CDC” – this is unclear. What kind of testing?

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