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SunBell Smart

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Designed by BRIGHT Products, the SunBell Smart is a multifunctional solar lamp that also enables charging of mobile phones.

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Product Description

Designed and distributed by BRIGHT Products, the SunBell Smart solar lantern is composed of a solar panel with a 3 m cable, a battery box with indication lights and an integrated USB port that enables universal charging of smartphones and mobile phones. The luminaire, composed of three LEDs with high, medium and low brightness-settings (5 lumens/20 lm/100 lm), can be powered from over 120 hours (on low) to 7 hours (on high) and it has 8 light functions: It can be used as a lantern, a hanging light, a reading light, hand-free light and further).

This weatherproof lamp has Pay-As-You-Go functionality available. A video about the performance on the SunBell Smart lamp.

BRIGHT Products operation and production center is located in Oslo, Norway.



Target SDGs

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

BRIGHT Products.

Competitive Landscape

Direct competitors include MPOWERD Luci Original.

Manufacturing/Building Method

It is made by order, BRIGHT products can produce over 6,000 SunBell Smarts a day 6 days a week. Interview with representative  

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Directly from the manufacturer by purchase online.

Distributions to Date Status

SunBell Smart distribution exact number is unknown, however, over 2,000,000 SunBell lamps have been distributed in refugee camps and emergency operations by UNHCR. The SunBell lamp is also reported to have been used when climbing the Kilimanjaro by a user.

Lamp type


Number of light points


Total light output (lumens)

Low: 5 lumens, medium: 20 lumens, high: 100 lumens

Multiple brightness settings (yes/no)


Light duration on single charge (hr)

Low: 7 hours, medium: 30 hours, high: 120 hours

Mobile charging (yes/no)


Power source

Solar Panel

Battery type


Peak power rating (Wp)

1.8 Wp

Battery capacity (kWh; mAh)

2200 mAh

Battery nominal voltage (V)

3.7 V

User replaceable battery (yes/no)


User replaceable light (yes/no)


Design Specifications

Design specifications include the light and battery unit, lamp shade and solar panel with a 3 m cable. The solar panel is a 1,8 Wp maximum power monocrystalline silicon panel. The battery is Lithium-Ion type (3,7 V, 2300 mAh) with LED indicators for monitoring the charging of the system and USB ports for universal charging of phones and radios. The luminaire has 3 Samsung LEDs inside a transparent cover, with 3 brightness settings: low, medium and high (5 lm/20 lm/100 lm). For further details refer to the product user manual (see references section).

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer, user instruction manual available for optimal use and durability. For further support, contact the manufacturer.

Replacement Components

The battery lasts 1,500 cycles or over 4 years, it is not easily replaceable with common tools and must be replaced by a qualified agent. The light source is not easily replaceable either, therefore the whole luminaire should be replaced when reaches its end of life.  


This lamp has a 2-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, however, the battery has over 4 years of lifecycle or 1,500 cycles. LED lifespan is up to 50,000 hours.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

BRIGHT Products works to promote solar energy lighting in regions lacking electricity in a safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. All solar lamps and home systems are built to endure harsh conditions, making them durable, functional and portable, along with being low-cost in total and with a minimum waste. SunBell Smart is a multifunctional solar lamp and mobile charger with 8 different functions: this plug and play device can be used as a hanging light, a flexible torch, a task light, emergency strobe light, hands free light, lantern, loudspekaer and reading light. BRIGHT was the first company to fully commit to the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, a science-based definition that assures the company is working towards the UN SDG's as an environmentally sustainable business for the future.

Vetted Performance Status

In a typical day of solar charging (5 kWh/m2/day): when the lamp is in high-brightness setting, it is powered for 4.8 hours, giving a total light output of 110 lumens and a total lightning service of 530 lumen-hours/solar-day; with the medium-brightness setting, it is powered for 26 hours, with a total light output of 26 lumens with 520 lumen-hours/solar-day; when the lamp is in low, it is powered for 79 hours, giving 6,2 lumens in total and with a lightning service of 490 lumen-hours/solar-day. 104% of the original output remains after 2,000 hours run time.


There are no potential hazards related to the use of this product, however, guidelines provided by BRIGHT Products in the users instruction manual must be followed.

Complementary Technical Systems

BRIGHT Products also commercializes a related car charger accessory for the SunBell Smart, which costs 11 USD (99 kr), including VAT.

Academic Research and References

No academic references.

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BRIGHT Products AS. 2018. SunBell Smart Instruction Manual. Bright-Products.com. Norway: BRIGHT Products AS.


Compliance with regulations

This product meets the Lightning Global Quality Standards for Solar lanterns.  Valid until the 31st of July in 2019.  

Evaluation methods

Lightning Global verified the Solar lanterns Quality Standards in the Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and Quality Inspection in China in the following aspects: lumen maintenance, product housing, ingress protection, overall durability and workmanship within a drop test, switch and connector cycling, strain relief test, physical ingress protection test and protection from frequent rain.

Other Information

The BRIGHT SunBell solar lamp and phone charger was the first of its kind to be recognized as a UNHCR core relief item. The company also commercializes SunBell 2.0 and further solar products.

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