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IEEE Smart Village SunBlazer IV

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SunBlazer IV is an easy to deploy modular type solar energy system.

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Product Description

IEEE Smart Village SunBlazer IV is a modular lightweight, solar photovoltaic (PV) community base station for mobile devices, lights, and other small electronic equipment. The product is a newer version of IEEE Smart SunBlazer II. The system is designed to provide sustainable energy for communities without grid connections.

IEEE is the International Engineering Society for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

Products are made individually, per order. Interview with Representative

Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

Smart Village will work directly with local entrepreneurs to set up a SunBlazer IV in a community of need. A local entrepreneur may contact IEEE Smart Village and apply to get funding for their project. The application includes a detailed business plan describing how they will make their utilities sustainable after the initial donation. The micro-utility equipment is then seed-funded to an in-country NGO for their distribution. The program startup overview is provided here.

Distributions to Date Status

As of August 2015, less than 100 systems were deployed. Interview with Representative

Power rating (W or kW)

1.5 – 3.6 kW

System dimensions (m)

Station box : 1.2 x 0.6096 x 0.7112 m (W X D X H)

Setup :  5 x 2.032 x 1.98 m (W X D X H)

Battery type

FLA Flooded lead-acid, AGM, Gel or LiFePO4

Battery capacity (mAh)

200 Ah

Description of solar panels

6 pcs, 300 W panels, Expanded unit: 12 pcs at 300 W

Grid compatibility (yes/no)


Description of mobility

Easily deployable and movable. Interview with manufacturer 2021

Design Specifications

The SunBlazer IV is a modular type solar energy base station that can generate electricity for off-grid applications. It can be either with 6 number of 300 W solar panels or can be expanded up to 12 number of 300 W solar panels depending on the application requirements. The weight of the system is 500 kg approximately for the system with 6 solar panels. The solar generation from the system is 9 kWh/day whilst the expanded system can generate 18 kWh/day. The newest version SunBlazer IV can also be used to drive a micro-grid for larger loads for homes and businesses including pumping water,  powering up street lights and running electrical machine loads as well. Interview with manufacturer 2021 

Technical Support

IEEE Smart Village provides standard manuals and basic training of operators and maintenance personnel. IEEE also offers professional technical support and business mentoring as the program matures.

Replacement Components

Replacement components are available. Interview with Representative


Solar panel and major components: 20 years Batteries: varies based on type, application, and user treatment and care. Manufacturer estimates: * AGM, GEL, PBK: 5+ years * SLA: 3 years A basic two-year warranty is available during seed-funded oversight of the product by IEEE Smart Village. Interview with Representative

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

To facilitate smaller village communities' electricity requirements using a cost-effective and reliable solar-powered system. The number of units can be increased according to the increment in the electricity demand of the village.

Vetted Performance Status

Testing has been conducted by IEEE Smart Village, however, no third-party testing has been completed.


Be sure to follow proper electrical installation and control guidelines. Interview with Representative

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Clark, A., and Pavlovski, C. J., 2010, “Wireless networks for the smart energy grid: application aware networks.” Proceedings of IMECS, Hong Kong, March 17-19, Vol II

Zavratnik, V., Kos, A.,  Stojmenova Duh, E.,  2018, “Smart Villages: Comprehensive Review of Initiatives and Practices,” Sustainability, 10, pp. 2559.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

Watch this video to learn more.

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