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Yücel O-200

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The Yücel O-200 is a portable outdoor camping gas cooker that runs on LPG and NG with large double burners that provide adequate heat and fuel efficiency.

Developed By
  1. Femaş group
Tested By
  • Femaş group
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Product Description

The Yücel O-200 is a portable outdoor camping gas cooker that runs on LPG and NG with large double burners that provide adequate heat and fuel efficiency. Its small form factor and lid cover allows it to be moved around with ease and used easily in remote locations.The product is designed and manufactured as the Yücel® brand  by the Femaş group in Turkey. It is also available all over the world through online retailers .

Target SDGs

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Market Suggested Retail Price


Market Suggested Retail Price (Secondary Currency)


Target Users (Target Impact Group)


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

The product is distributed by Fema? group through their retail outlet Ferre.

Manufacturing/Building Method

The Yücel O-200 is manufactured by Fema? group in their factory in Turkey from where they export to various countries in the world.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

The product is distributed by the Fema? group retail outlet Ferre and other retail outlets.

Distributions to Date Status


Fuel type

Fuel type – LPG / Natural Gas

Chimney (yes/no)

Chimney (yes/no) – No

Forced or passive

Forced or passive – Passive (Not applicable)

Pot type

Round & Flat Bottom

Pot capacity (L)

10 L

Thermal efficiency (%)


PM emissions (g/MJ delivered to pot)


CO emissions (g/MJ delivered to pot)


Time to boil (min/L)


Design Specifications

A portable Camping gas stove with two burners with a maximum output of 1.85KW and 1.50KW respectively with excellent simmer control, a lid and enamel pan supports. It has a dimension of 469mm x 295mm x 95.6mm (L x W x H) and weighs 3kg. It is designed to be operated by G30 29mbar LPG gas.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Authorized service center

Replacement Components

Pan supports, Knob assembly, Burner assembly


10 years

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Lightweight, portable and easy to use. Good power output on the two large burners that also have excellent simmer control and good for outdoor use.

Vetted Performance Status

Testing performed by the manufacturer put the output of the burners at 1.85KW and 1.50KW respectively, However no data on third-party testing has been found.


Follow general manufacturer safety advice, reach out to authorized service centers for maintenance and repair issues, clean the cooker regularly with regular washing liquid and lukewarm water and ensure LPG cylinder connection is secure and without any leaks.  

Complementary Technical Systems

LPG/ NG Cylinder with a regulator and safety compliant connecting hose is required to feed fuel (LPG/NG) appropriately to this product.  

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

Fema? Group is a leading kitchen appliances producer in Turkey. Its products are certified by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization), ESMA (UAE quality mark), CB, CE, IECEE (International Electrotechnical Commission), GOST (Russia), TSE (Turkey), ISI (India) and AGA (Australia). And other quality certificates  

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