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The BiKu is a bifacial module with high-efficiency dual cell technology intended for large-scale energy production.

Developed By
  1. Canadian Solar
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Product Description

BiKU Solar is a bifacial module with high-efficiency dual-cell technology with enhanced reliability. It was designed by Canadian Solar and is intended for large scale solar applications. 

Target SDGs

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Household, Community, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Public Sector Agencies

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Distributed by the manufacturer.

Competitive Landscape

Direct competitors include SolarNow Welcome Pack, WOWsolar 100, and Lumos Kit.

Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

This product is distributed by the manufacturer and global contact offices in  the USA,  Latin America, Europe, Middle East,  Africa , Asia, and the Pacific.

Distributions to Date Status

The exact number of products distributed is unknown, however there are active buying customers in more than 160 countries. It has subsidiaries in 23 countries & regions on 6 continents.

Power rating (W or kW)

290 – 400 W

System dimensions (m)

.03 x 1.048 x 2.132 m

Battery type


Battery capacity (mAh)


Description of solar panels

High power bifacial mono or poly PERC module.

Grid compatibility (yes/no)


Description of mobility


Design Specifications

The BiKu is a Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline bifacial panel that is optimized for energy production. It has a power range of 290 to 400 W and can produce up to 30% more energy from the backside. It has a low hot spot temperature and improved shading tolerance.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer and global contact offices.

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The BiKu has a power range of 290 - 400 W with low power loss in the cell connection. It can produce up to 30% more energy than single facial module from the backside. The bifaciality is as high as 75%. The manufacturer also claims it has higher reliability, a lower hot spot temperature, and better shading tolerance.

Vetted Performance Status



It is important to follow proper electrical installation and control guidelines.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

No academic references.

About us. n.d. Canadian Solar.

Contact Us. n.d. CSI Solar.

Canadian Solar. 2022. BiHiKu PV Module Product Datasheet V5.9. static.csisolar.com. Canada: Canadian Solar.



Compliance with regulations

The product complies with several standards including ISO 9001:2015 / Quality management system, ISO 14001:2015 / Standards for environmental management system, ISO 45001: 2018 / International standards for occupational health & safety, IEC 61215, IEC 61730, CE, MCS, INMETRO, UKCA, CEC listed (US California), FSEC (US Florida), UL 61730, IEC 61701, IEC 62716, and IEC 60068-2-68.

Evaluation methods


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