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etukusa etuk classic

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The etuk classic is an electric powered rickshaw capable of carrying up to 3 passengers over a distance of up to 60 miles per full charge.

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Product Description

The etuk classic is an electric auto rickshaw capable of carrying up to 3 passengers over a distance of up to 60 miles per full charge. It is commonly used for public transport, shuttle services, tours, and mobile marketing. It is designed by etuk usa and is currently commercialized.

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Product is obtained direct from the manufacturer through ordering on their website or visiting their facilities in Denver, Colorado

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Design Specifications

Specifications: The etuk classic is designed to carry up to 3 passengers at a time over a distance of up to about 100 kilometers (60 miles). It's charging system is designed to operate with conventional 110 or 220V mains power. The vehicle's maximum rated speed is 25 kph and it's battery pack is rated 15.5 kwh comprising 12 trojan T-105 batteries.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by any trained general technician with knowledge of electric powertrains in the local area.

Replacement Components

Replacement components are available in most local auto shops.


Unknown. The battery is rated to last 40,000km/3 years.

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Compliance with regulations

The Vehicles meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards set forth by DOT / NTHSA.

Other Information

The etuk classic comes with limp mode which gives the user an extra 10 miles to get home when the vehicle runs out of battery power.

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