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Open Learning Exchange - OLE

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OLE is an online cloud based platform for delivering learning resources and courses.

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Product Description

Open Learning Exchange – OLE is an online learning platform with a digital system, Planet Learning, designed to be customized and accessed by anyone. The system contains free multimedia and resources and courses mainly off, but periodically on the internet.

Each learner is provided with their own personal dashboard that can be customized to have their own bookshelf and links to the courses they are taking. The dashboard also contains a record of achievements, a calendar of events, and internal email system for communicating with coaches and fellow team members.

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Distributors / Implementing Organizations

OLE International works closely with local partners and organizations in different countries looking to expand to open learning education.

Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

Users can access the platform from their website though the access given to the partners.

Distributions to Date Status

OLE Madagascar has reached more than 400 schools. In Ghana, OLE programs is being implemented in 50 rural elementary schools in 8 of Ghana's 10 regions, serving 6,000 students. OLE Kenya has implemented the program in Mogadishu University, Mathare slum and supports OLE Dadaab, a refugee camp. The program here serves more than 500 Somali refugees.

Design Specifications

OLE is an open source learning system that has 2 components:

  1.  An online cloud-based for managing learning content and aggregating user metrics.
  2. A community server that delivers learning resources, courses and learner management tools to a local area network.
The platform can be accessed by any device that can open a browser and use it, like a computer, a smart phone or a tablet. It uses Raspberry Pi, costing 35 USD, as its server thus easily powered by batteries and solar cells. This platform can be accessed with or without the internet. This platform can run on any operating system including Linux, Apple OS X or windows. The courses are multilingual and each user has their personal dashboards that contain resources they have chosen to read.    

Technical Support

For any questions or assistance, the designers can be contacted through their website or through their user manual.

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

This platform was created with the aim of providing access to educational tools to inner cities, refugee camps, and remote villages.

Vetted Performance Status

Testing has been done by the developers with the users and from the feedback, they learned that in refugee camps or in host countries, there is a demand for education/educational tools in both their home country and their host setting/country. The midterm evaluation report noted that for pupils in the Ghana Reads program, literacy skills improved by 13% overall. The end line evaluation established that there was a 98% improvement in overall performance between midterm and end-line phases.



Complementary Technical Systems

This platform has hardware that comprises of Raspberry Pi as its server, and batteries and solar cells for charging.

Academic Research and References

Feliciano S.J., Mandapat R.L.C. and Khan L.C., 2013, Harnessing the Use of Open Learning Exchange to Support Basic Education in Science and Mathematics in the Philippines, US- China Education Review A, ISSN 2161-623X

Compliance with regulations

For Ghana, OLE was certified by the Curriculum Research and Development of the Ghana Education service. OLE Kenya has been implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. It also supports OLE Dadaab which is in partnership with UNHCR. OLE Uganda is implementing Village Health Workers (VHWs) in service learning program in Cooperation with Massachusetts General Hospital and the Mbarara University for Technology and Science. In OLE Madagascar, a launch of pilot phase for Planet Learning system was introduced to 3 Malagasy schools after which the Minister of Education entered into an agreement with OLE Madagascar to implement Planet Learning nationwide.

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