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ThermoPlan MZ70®

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The ThermoPlan MZ70® is a Monomur brick with integrated mineral wool insulation.

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Product Description

The ThermoPlan MZ70® is the combination of baked clay and mineral Brickrock® benefits. The ThermoPlan is a hollow brick filled with mineral wool for improved insulation. With width varying from 240 to 490 mm, it can be used for the construction of single-family, double and multi-family dwellings – without any additional insulation. The mineral insulation is non-flammable, water repellent but permeable to vapor, resistant to aging, insulates against heat, cold and noise.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Ziegelwerk Bellenberg

Manufacturing/Building Method

This product is produced in Germany using environmentally friendly production methods such as usage of local resources, use of low-emission natural gas, a heat recovery system for drying the bricks and one flue gas after burning.

Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

The product can be brought directly from the manufacturer.

Distributions to Date Status


Unit dimensions (cm)

24 – 49 cm in length

Primary materials

Clay, minerals, wool insulation

Complimentary materials


Fire Resistance (hr)


Thermal Insulation Capacity

R- value: 4.54 – 7.14

Compressive Strength (MPa)

Suitable Climates

Better for cold climates

Design Specifications

The ThermoPlan is a hollow brick filled with mineral wool for improved insulation. The brick is available in 5 different dimensions. The Length and Height are fixed in 248 and 249 mm respectively and the width can be 240, 300, 365, 425 and 490 mm. Its weight varies from 8.8 to 16.8 kg. The brick is filled with mineral wool for better insulation capacity. The hydrophobic (water repellent) setting of the mineral wool makes the walls moisture resistant.

Technical Support

Bellenberger provides full technical support.

Replacement Components



Its as durable as any other brick, it can stand more than 100 years.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The manufacture guarantee heat and sound insulation as well as fire resistance, energy efficiency, high strength, and fast construction.

Vetted Performance Status

Testing performed by the manufacturer determined a 45db reduction, R-values ranging from 4.5 to 7.14, and 10 MPa compressive strength, however, no third-party testing has been completed


Builders should wear appropriate protective equipment such as hardhats, gloves and safety glasses while working to protect against physical injury commonly associated with heavy construction.

Complementary Technical Systems

In addition to cement mortar, a foundation, electricity, water and sanitation systems should be considered.

Academic Research and References

Pavlík, Z., Jerman, M., Fo?t, J., & ?erný, R. (2014). Monitoring Thermal Performance of Hollow Bricks with Different Cavity Fillers in Difference Climate Conditions. International Journal of Thermophysics, 36(2-3), 557–568.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information


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